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Project Two Overview

Essential Questions

What does "stranger" mean on the internet? (valid vs invalid information)

What should I show to the world? (public vs private, intentions vs interpretation)



Part One: Videos to Watch

Video 5: "Amy's Choice" Collaboration

Video 6: "Think U Know Think Again" Collaboration

Video 7: "Julie's Journey" Collaboration

Video 8: "Tricks of a Predator" Collaboration

Part Two: VoiceThreads Project

Basic Project

Students will review selected sections of the safety videos we have studied, which are presented in the project one VoiceThread. (Project two VoiceThread is in the works!!)

They will choose a couple section of the video, and make personal, reflective comments.

They have the option of going back to hear their own comments and the comments of other students in the class.

Minimum expectations:

two comments per students
comments show age appropriate reflective thinking.
avoid repetition of similar comments (If students are thinking a similar thought, have them also explain a clear difference, or apply this thought to a new situation)

Signing In

You need to decide how you want your students to sign in to VoiceThreads. There are two options.

Useful if you are going to do more VoiceThreads work in the future, on other topics.
Useful if you might have students create their own VoiceThreads in the future. Students can have VoiceThreads friends and collaborate on a group project together.
Useful if you want a lot of options for managing the comments on your projects.
More flexible, requires more student responsibility, allows students to "own" the process more.
Might be easier to manage for younger classrooms.
Teacher could log in, then students could prep their comments. Students could take turns making their comments at the teachers, or a classroom, computer.
Requires only one classroom computer to be fully functional for recording comments.
Can go in under the classroom user to manage comments from your group, but the comments can not be individually managed by the VoiceThreads creator.


Give some thought to the identity you and your students think should be displayed within VoiceThreads.

Should they show their pictures? Full name? An avatar? A object that represents them (toy, vehicle, etc)?
Should they disclose their full name? A pretend name? A username that tells about themselves, but nothing private?
What does a username reveal, or suggest to others? Are usernames like; hotarcticchick, soootoasted, or naughtyboy907 OK? Why/whynot?

If your students like the avatar option, they can take a screen shot of their Voki, and use it for their user picture. Other fun sites for creating cartoon-like characters are DoppleMe, and WeeMe. Plan at least an extra class period for students to sign-in, create and capture these images if you want to use these additional sites. The sites are easy to use, but it does take time. Most have a minimum age of 13 so younger students will need classroom log-ins.

VoiceThreads has a very easy tutorial that shows you how to add multiple identities to one classroom user using one picture, or several pictures, if you choose to have one classroom username. It works very nicely BUT you can not log into the same user with different computers simultaneously. You are limited to using one computer at a time logged in to the classroom user.

Sample Setup

KTS students will set up their own accounts, as we hope to use the program for further collaboration projects with folks like you!! Each of our students has a laptop during our tech time, so it's a good option for them to learn about usernames and account management.
Each student will be responsible for using a screen shot of their voki avatar for their user picture. If we have time they can replace this with a picture of something that is important to them, but not their personal picture. (I know kids LOVE to put their personal picture out for the world to see. My opinion is that this is NOT something kids should be doing unless they have a full grip on the purpose and security of the site they are working on, and how many kids know that!! So, I want them to consciously practice being careful.)
Some of our students will have difficulty with the complexity of these task, and one is chronically absent, so we will have one "classroom" account as a backup. This classroom account already has three identities set up as "student1" etc., along with some generic pictures.


Please sign up for an account and begin exploring at VoiceThreads.

Making comments is amazingly easy.

Try making some by text, and by voice on some of the tutorial voicethreads.

The first VoiceThread for the project has segments from each of the first four videos.

It took me a bit of fumbling with video formats to get it created, but I hope to have another VoiceThread for videos 4-8 done soon.

I shall also be inviting you to these VoiceThreads. I haven't totally figured out the "friends" and identity aspect of users and friends..... I shall be working on this!

This program has some amazing potential. I'm excited to see what you think of it.

Resources to help with VoiceThreads

What is a VoiceThread?

Tutorial on how to create a VoiceThread

Tutorial on how to set up your microphone, and give Flash Player permission to record using your microphone.

Check out the Doodler feature. It allows someone to draw while they talk to show emphasis.

Tutorial on putting VoiceThread on a WordPress blog

Sample Step-By-Step Plans for 25 min daily class

Day One:

We still need to wrap up posting our vokis.....
Students who are finished will be helping others export their MP3's, upload them to Voki, and post their vokis.
Hopefully we will have time to visit the cool vokis posted by SHH.
Student who do not finish by today will need to make after school arrangements.

Day Two:

Divide into groups, and let each group create two questions/answers for the Project One Quiz.
Post these on the wiki.
When groups are done they can explore the wikispaces site where we are showing off our vokis.

Day Three

Watch video five.
Discuss and make group comments.
Explore VoiceThread site and start to sign up.

Day Four

Watch video six.
Discuss and make group comments.
Explore VoiceThread site and continue signing up.

Day Five

Watch video seven.
Discuss and make group comments.
Explore various VoiceThreads, start learning how comments work.

Day Six

Watch video eight.
Discuss and make group comments on collaboration page.
Explore and help other learn how VoiceThread works.

Day Seven

Catch up on videos, and check wiki pages for comments from other schools.
Model how to sign in to VoiceThreads and post a comment.
Discuss quality comments, how to make comments that show independent thinking, and "dig deeper".

Day Eight

Select sections of the VoiceThreads for commenting.
Write and practice making comments.
Practice and get a partners approval to post.
Start posting comments.

Days Nine and Ten

Finish posting comments.
Students take a pass Know and Do quiz
Early finishers can help others, make more comments, or learn how to do "Doodle Comments".
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