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Our Village


Community Information - "Who We Are"

Weather (and how it might affect your daily routines)

Businesses (and local shopping information)

Mail (when will I get it???)


School/Teacher Related Information

Our School

Contact Information

Staff/Student Handbooks

School Calendar

Weekly Schedule

other Information of Interest


BSSD Instructional Model

Overview of Our District

District Profile on WIKI [1]

Overview of the Model

WIKI Information Regarding the BSSD Instructional Model [2]

iCommunity Shortened Version of Overview [3]

DART - Recording and Reporting

DART - The BSSD Recording and Reporting System (Used as our 'gradebook'and 'report card') [4]

BSSD Curriculum

Wiki link to 9 content areas for access to standards, as well as teaching ideas/resources [5]

iCommunity Link to Content areas for access to standards, assessments, resources and forums (this area requires a password protected account) [6]

New to our Village and/or Bush Life???

'Information for all BSSD site staff'

Shopping Advice Before You Arrive

Shopping Advice Throughout the Year

Suggested Reading

To Prepare for your Arrival and a Rewarding Stay

Travel Tips

Contact Information

Tips for Time Management ... Before the First day of School

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