American Golden Plover

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Scientific Information

Male American Golden-Plover
American Golden-Plover (Pluvialis dominica) was formerly grouped together with the Pacific Golden-Plover as subspecies known as the Lesser Golden-Plover.

Compared to the Pacific Golden-Plover, the male in breeding plumage has white stripes that extend only to their shoulders, where the white on an Pacific Golden-Plover extends along their flanks. The Pacific Golden-Plover also has shorter wings and more “golden” on their backs in all plumages.

Community Information



Spoken Name

Relevant Site Information

At least one male American Golden-Plover stopped to stage on the island June 9, 2008, before heading on to its breeding grounds. Many juveniles will stop here during the fall and stage before heading to their wintering grounds. Young hunters will often hunt these birds and traditionally take their kills home to their grandparents or parents to cook.

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