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Welcome to the home of the Storm!


See the making of the mural


St. Michael is served by the Bering Strait School District's Anthony_A._Andrews_School.

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Vocational Education

Writing: Students' Research Websites

School Code of Cooperation

Operational Definition: Behaviors, rules, and values necessary for us to best work together to succeed.

Current Events

Graduates: Saint Michael

Saint Michael Graduating Class: 2009

How do we look?

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School Activities

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School & Classrooms:Then (prior to October 27,2008)

Special Projects

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Coming Soon: Fifth Grade!

We honor

Anthony Andrews reduced.jpg

The community of Saint Michael chose to honor one of its respected and influential members by naming the school after him. Who was Anthony A. Andrews ?

We are!

On.key.maestro.300.jpg (On Key, Maestro!)

A bit of our history

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