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Scientific Information

Arctic Fritillary Butterfly
Taken by Ken Stenek June 29, 2010
The Arctic Fritillary (Boloria chariclea) is a common butterfly on the tundra of the Seward Peninsula. There are two possible subspecies arctica and butleri. It is found throughout the northern parts of North America.

Its caterpillars feed on scrub willow and possibly blue berry leaves. Arctic Fritillary butterflies caterpillars hibernate their first winter shortly after hatching and again their second winter as fourth stage caterpillars. They will live as an adult from late June-August. They can be identified by their orange-brown wings with dark markings.

Sources Butterflies and Moths of North America Butterflies of Alaska

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Arctic Fritillary butterflies are common in Shishmaref. Young children enjoy chasing and sometimes even catching them.

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