Arctic Warbler

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Scientific Information

Adult Arctic Warbler
The Arctic Warbler (Phylloscopus borealis) is a common migrant and breeder to the Seward Peninsula although it is absent from the coastal lowlands except during migration. They are one of the few species that winter along the Asian Pacific (Philipines, East Indies, and Southeast Asia) and arrive to Alaska around late May. They will begin migrating during the middle of August and all will have left for their wintering grounds by late August. Most nests are on the ground built in mossy substrates. They prefer willow thickets along streams.

Community Information



No local name for this bird

Relevant Site Information

Several of these birds were seen around the second week of June as they migrated up from Asia, having arrived the same time as some Easter Yellow Wagtails. They were found near wet areas looking for food before moving on to their breeding areas.

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