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Testing Grade K

Testing Grade 1

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Testing Grade 8

Testing Grade - High School


CASC (content area standing committee) Sessions

CASC 2009

CASC 2008

CASC 2007

CASC 2006

DART System: Data Analysis and Reporting Tool System

Bering Strait School District launched its Data Analysis and Reporting Toolkit Project Information in August of 2006. The original version included unique, standards-based tracking features, and linked both individual and group learning needs to educational resources here. DART is an Open Source software tool for the tracking and analysis of student progress on any set of standards.

The current version fully replaces the district's use fo the proprietary PowerSchool system, and is a complete student information system (SIS). Among the new features are attendance and discipline tracking, a dashboard area, testing data, special programs information tracking, and preset exports for state and federal reporting, a school improvement planning module (SIP), Success For All (SFA) management module, transcript printing and conversion.

The district is just finishing its first quarter of beta testing, and new code will soon be posted to:

DART is unlike other gradebook or student information systems since it is completely learner-centered, not tied to staff or school schedules, and provides a intuitive interface for tracking standards. It also shows how those standards relate to other data collected by our organization.

Because DART links relative student weaknesses directly to instructional resources and Open Content curriclum on this wiki, it closes the loop between standards monitoring and instructional planning. Students, teachers and administrators can all view their individual, group or building status on standards progress, and plan for meaningful instruction.

The DART System was jointly developed by BSSD's Curriculum and Instruction, and Educational Technology Departments.

DART is an Open Source software package that will run on any Linux-based server running the Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP configuration for web services. DART is free like a puppy! There is no charge for the software, but support is provided by the user community, not BSSD.

DART Demo Site -

DART Demo Access Information -Access to DART Demo

DART Support Materials - Wiki-based DART Support

Want to Learn More About DART?

To learn more about how you or your organization can particpate in the DART Project, contact Greg Johnson,John Concilus, or Teachers4School'sChick Beckley.

Some New DART Modules that are up and running - Check them out here...


DART SIP (School Improvement Plan) Module -SIP DART

Staff Development Opportunities and Processes

Break Time

Requesting Staff Development

Staff Development and Feedback

If you have recently attended a conference go here to provide your summary (or read what your peers share!)

Working Weekends

FY08 Iditaproject working weekend (November)

FY08 Working weekend (January)

FY'09 Working Weekend (February)

August Trainings (Returning)

FY09 Returning Teacher Workshop

FY08 Returning Teacher Workshop

August Trainings (New)

FY08 New Teacher Training

Other In-House Training Opportunities

Secretary Training

October Ed Conference

BSSD Ed Conference October 20-23, 2009

FY09 Ed Conference: October 21-24, 2008

FY08 Ed Conference: October, 2007

FY07 Ed Conference: October, 2006





We want to Host or Attend a POD

We want to bring a presenter to our site

BSSD Leadership

Several times a year the BSSD Leadership Team - site principals, assistant principals, program staff - meet to collaborate, problem solve and brainstorm solutions to issues facing our district.

Podcasts available to download

By clicking on the link below, iTunes will automatically launch on your computer and subscribe you to the available podcasts that have been posted to the iTunes music store.

Some of the podcasts do require a password to view the attached pdf file. This is in place due to the use of some copyrighted materials from the SFA Foundation. If you are a BSSD employee, please send an email to Kim Johnson at requesting the necessary password. Your onsite reading facilitator will also have a copy of these passwords.


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