Bar-tailed Godwit

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Scientific Information

Male (left) and female (right) Bar-tailed Godwits.
The Bar-tailed Godwit (Limosa lapponica) is one of the more remarkable migrants to the Seward Peninsula. The Bar-tailed Godwit flies some 5,000 miles straight without stopping from New Zealand scientists believe. They are a common breeder on the Seward Peninsula. They have a black and white barred tail, hence their name, that is visible during flight. The male is a reddish brown in breeding plumage whereas the female is much paler (as seen in the photo). They are a fairly large shorebird and stand out amongst other smaller local shorebirds.

Community Information



Spoken Name

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Spring of 2008 there were several pairs on the island to the West and there was at least one breeding pair along one of the forks of the Serpentine River.

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