Blackpoll Warbler

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Scientific Information

Adult Male Blackpoll Warbler, males have dark-streaked brown backs, white faces and black crowns. Their underparts are white with black streaks, and they display two white wing bars.

Blackpoll Warbler (Dendroica striata) are a common breeder on the Seward Peninsula preferring tall shrub thickets along rivers it is a tall migrant in the coastal lowlands. They winter in northern and northeastern South America and their migration route takes them across the Caribbean and central United States. This means that they possibly fly up to 88 hours nonstop. To do this they double their mass and take advantage of a change in wind direction. Males are also known to have one of the highest pitch calls among all birds.

Community Information



There is no local name for this species in the Shishmaref dialect.

Relevant Site Information

The Blackpoll Warbler is most likely a migratory overshoot to Shishmaref as it tends to spend its time in Spruce-Fir Forests and tall shrub thickets along rivers. They may nest around the Serpentine River Estuary where there are taller willows, etc. But most likely this species will be found more around the eastern area of Norton Sound locally.

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