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We have traveled many a mile to get where we are today, if you are not familiar the journey we have taken as a district, please take a look HERE


Strategic Planning Process

The original planning team met in Nome in the spring of 2005 under the guidance of Dr. Bruce Johnson from the Association of Alaska School Boards. While in Nome the group reviewed the previous Strategic Plan, reviewed and revised the District Mission, strategies and objectives, and then provided the action teams with additional direction. Action team leaders were selected and trained and teams met face-to-face and via telephone and videoconferencing. The original planning team met again in Unalakleet on January 19-20, 2006 to finish the Strategic Plan. The plan was presented to and approved by the BSSD Regional School Board in February 2006.

Planning Team Members
Bevery Taxac - Koyuk • Terry Peppers - Koyuk • Jane Kava - Savoonga • Lynda Bekoalok - Shaktoolik • Katelynn Evan - Shaktoolik • Rich Stasenko - Shishmaref • Nancy Kokeok - Shishmaref • Darren Billingsley - St. Michael • Linda Ongtowasruk - Wales • Wilma Osborne - White Mountain • Josh Johnson - Unalakleet • Weaver Ivanoff - Unalakleet • John Davis - Unalakleet •

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Bering Strait School District is to educate our children to become self-sufficient and responsible citizens through quality programs that express high expectations for all in a safe, supportive and collaborative learning environment that reflects our children's heritage.


We believe that:
1. integration of knowledge and understanding of our heritage and culture lead to success and respect and understanding of others;
2. all students can and will learn and succeed;
3. every student has a right to educational opportunities to achieve his/her maximum potential;
4. learning is a lifelong process;
5. school must be a safe environment for students, employees, and communities in order for productive learning to take place;
6. students will achieve excellence through the implementation of quality programs and high expectations;
7. learning is the collaborative responsibility of the student, the school, the family and the community; and
8. schools must welcome and partner with community members, parents and students.


• Within six months of graduation, all graduates will be pursuing further education, serving in the military, gainfully employed, pursuing a career choice, or self-employed/engaged in cultural activities that reflect the community's heritage and values.

• 100% of the students will meet standards appropriate to their instructional abilities.

• All students will be on a pace withing required content areas that will lead to graduation.

• By 2011, all students tested in grades 3-12 will score at the proficient or advanced levels as measures by the State of Alaska's Standards-Based Assessments.

• By 2011, 100% of students will be graduating.

• By 2001, all students will attend 92% of the time. All schools will set and achieve annual attendance improvement goals.

• The schools and the district will continue to review and revise plans and procedures to make our schools more socially and emotionally safe and respectful lfor all.

• All schools will establish community/family partnerships to support students.

Strategy 1

We will review and revise standards, curriculum, instructional methods and assessments.

Action Planning Team
Amanda Bailey - Koyuk
Kim Johnson - Unalakleet - Team Leader
Carrie Jones - Unalakleet
Tammy Dodd - Unalakleet
Kim Sweeny - White Mountain

Strategy 2

We will redefine procedures for students to progress through levels in all content areas.

Action Planning Team
Melanie Boser - Golovin
Donald Eldridge - Savoonga
Patrick Couture - Stebbins
Deborah Currier - Unalakleet
Josh Johnson - Unalakleet - Team Leader
Karen Beranek - Wales

Strategy 3

We will develop programs that promote cultural heritage.

Action Planing Team
Emily Murray - Elim
Richard Waghiyi - Savoonga
Luci Washington - St. Michael
Randy Fleharty - Unalakleet
Hannah Howard - Unalakleet
Ted VanBronkhorst - Unalakleet - Team Leader

Strategy 4

We will develop a comprehensive career and technical (vocational) curriculum and delivery system that serves all students.

Action Planning Team
Linda Peppers - Koyuk
Jeff Selvey - NACTEC
Dennis Determan - Savoonga
Mark Thompson - St. Michael
Jason Currier - Unalakleet
Rick Holt - Unalakleet - Team Leader

Strategy 5

We will develop and promote family, community and regional partnerships to support students.

Action Planning Team
Andrew Knoll - Shaktoolik
Rebecca Atchak - Stebbins
Bibianna Billingsley - St. Michael
Karen Coffey - Unalakleet
Peggy Wolfe - Unalakleet - Team Leader

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