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Levels and Standards

CS Level 1 Exploring Work

Level 1 students begin to understand the idea of work.

Level 1 Standards

Level 1 Matrix

CS Level 2 Work Responsibilities

Level 2 students recognize skills, responsibilities, and outcomes of being a worker.

Level 2 Standards

Level 2 Matrix

CS Level 3 Connecting Learning and Work

Level 3 students connect their own work to the work of others, by practicing job related traits.

level 3 Standards

Level 3 Matrix

CS Level 4 Career Exploration

Level 4 students explore career outcomes and the skills needed to obtain those careers. Students makes connections between education and work, practice skills in a site based enterprise, and begin a career portfolio.

Level 4 Standards

Level 4 Matrix

File:Portfolio Outline CS.doc A brief outline for beginning a Career Portfolio for Levels 4 to 7

Unit plan for a mini society that addresses level 4

Performance task and scoring guide for mini society unit

Business plan for the mini society performance task

Career Exploration Sheet: used to record career informtion and to make connections to academic skills.

A complete Level 4 portfolio created by Elim's Secondary Team

CS Level 5 Job Skills

Level 5 Standards

Level 5 Matrix

A lesson for level 5 on becoming and being employed

File:Portfolio Outline CS.doc A brief outline for beginning a Career Portfolio for Levels 4 to 7

[[1]] An online survey about future careers.

CS Level 6 Business Simulation

Level 6 students participate in a simulated business, practice working as part of an organization, develop business math skills and update the career portfolio started Level 4.

Level 6 Standards

Level 6 Matrix

CS Level 7 Career Planning

Level 7 students continue to practice skills needed for successful caeers, explore various career options and develop a career plan. Students complete the Career Skills Portfolio and present a summative reflection of Career Skills experiences.

Level 7 Standards

Level 7 Matrix

File:Portfolio Outline CS.doc A brief outline for beginning a Career Portfolio for Levels 4 to 7

File:Portfolio Outline CS.doc A brief outline for beginning a Career Portfolio for Levels 4 to 7

CS Level 8 Internship

Level 8 students apply their career skills in a workplace through internship oportunities with an opportunity to acquire certifications in career cluster of choice. The students will be ready for employment.

Level 8 Standards

Level 8 Matrix

Lessons for multiple levels

Cross referenced standards for teachers looking for core content connections to careers skills standards.

Cross Referenced Standards

CTE Templates

These are the CTE templates for the Perkins Courses. These templates can be adapted to design courses suited to your site.

General Resources

Free career development/exploration activities for students. Rating GOOD This website is great for lower level or higher level students who are doing research into their potential college, voc-tech or career fields. AKCIS lists every known degree and job field with all of the detailed links to the qualificaitons, degrees required, pay rate, job descriptions, course descriptions, etc. Oh, also they have career and interest surveys that the student can do online. All of these are in an easy format that is easily printed out and condensed into a nice Career Portfolio.

BSSD student login to AKCIS:

    User Name: beringstr8
    Password:  4akcis

NACTEC Northwestern Alaska Career Technical Center

Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation website; they have scholarships, job training, jobs, etc for corporation members.

Alaska Dept. of Labor website: great for finding jobs, unemployment info, specific job areas, training opportunities, etc

Exploring Career Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics This informative site is organized by areas of interest (e.g. sports, computers, helping people, building and fixing things, etc.). Clicking on the area of interest reveals several jobs that the student can learn more about.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook Use the Search Box to find a specific occupation or browse the A-Z Index to view the wide variety of postings. When you click on a job, you will find: the training and education needed, potential earnings, the expected job prospects, working conditions, and a job description.

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