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5.01 Understands the impact of employment, versus unemployment, on individual and family life.

5.02 Understands and practices the process for seeking employment including resume and cover letter development, application completion, interview skills, and appropriate dress for work settings.

5.03 Begins to understand SCANS skills (e.g., basic skills, thinking skills, and personal qualities) and how they relate to employability.

5.04 Explores (e.g., using technology, career/interest surveys, and discussion) a variety of potential future outcomes and participates in a field trip to at least one of the potential future outcomes (e.g., skilled trades, post-secondary education, entrepreneurial endeavors, service learning, subsistence, and business) and adds to career portfolio.

5.05 Demonstrates skills to locate and use career information and community resources. (via internet/career surveys, health clinics, city/tribal councils, employment services, trade school, college, etc.).

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