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The Success for All Foundation’s Early Childhood programs for preschool and kindergarten children promote, develop, and enhance language and literacy skills, as well as mathematical, scientific, listening and social skills, creative expression, and positive self-esteem. Each program provides young children with an experiential and child-centered curriculum that gives them the necessary foundation for success in elementary school.

Curiosity Corner provides teachers with well-structured thematic units aligned with state and national early-learning guidelines. The program includes detailed instructions and provides many of the materials necessary for implementing a stimulating, engaging program, as well as training and support for educators implementing the program. The two separate programs for three- and four-year-olds are based on the same themes, with variations in books and activities for each age group, to meet the developmental needs of young children.

There are 38 thematic units (e.g., families, bread, opposites, and spring), organized into global themes. Each unit features active, integrated experiences that enhance children’s language and literacy, and their cognitive, mathematical, social, personal, creative, and physical development.


Curiosity Corner Resources

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Rhyme Time

Curiosity Corner Instructional Components

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Greetings, Readings, and & Writings (15 Minutes)

As the children enter the classroom, their day begins with Greetings & Readings, a time for them to explore meaningful, theme-related activities individually and in small groups. The group comes together for a Daily Message during Gathering Circle.

Clues & Questions (10-15 Minutes)

Clues & Questions is a whole-group activity that introduces the thematic concepts for the day.

Rhyme Time (5-10 Minutes)

Rhyme Time bring sthe whole-group activities to a close with active, theme-related rhymes and songs that promote phonological awareness and that include specific phonemic awareness activites as the year and the children's skills evolve.

Learning Labs (45-50 Minutes)

Learning Labs foster theme exploration through concrete, hands-on experiences in a variety of learning centers.

Story Tree (10-15 Minutes)

Story Tree engages the children in literature and concepts of print as they make predictions, recall events, and learn new vocabulary related to the theme.

Outside/Gross Motor Play (15-25 Minutes)

Outside/Gross Motor Play promotes physical and social development through theme-related movement activities.

Snack Time (5-15 Minutes)

Snack Time promotes physical well-being while building interpersonal and self-help skills through peer and adult-child interaction.

Question/Reflection (5-15 Minutes)

During Question/Reflection the children recall and summarize activities to reinforce the skills and concepts they have learned throughout the day and the week.

Home Link

The Home Link activity promotes family involvement in their children's education.


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