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The Getting Along Together K-8 program is a social problem-solving curriculum designed to teach children to think critically, solve problems non-violently, and work in teams effectively and cooperatively.

The Getting Along Together program sets in place school-wide processes for preventing and resolving problems among students as well as between students and teachers. Ten interactive, literature-based lessons introduce skills and strategies. Teacher’s guides provide structures for coaching individual students to resolve specific conflicts, and for conducting class-level meetings, setting positive expectations, rewarding positive peer interaction, and addressing class-selected issues as a group throughout the school year. All school staff members, including the principal, teachers, cafeteria staff, and office staff, are trained and involved in the Getting Along Together process to provide an effective, consistent structure.

CURRICULUM: The Getting Along Together curriculum consists of three components:

There are two weeks of introductory social-problem solving units for grades K-8 that are done at the beginning of the school year. Initial lessons in listening skills and conflict resolution are necessary in order to give students the background required to use teams effectively. The lessons are engaging, interactive, and teacher-friendly in their design and implementation. The Think It Through sheets, Peace Path, Roundtable, and Class Councils are structures designed to be utilized on a consistent basis throughout the school year.

Each teacher will receive a manual to implement the two weeks of introductory Getting Along Together lessons. This includes: A Teacher’s Guide with detailed lesson plans and process guide for each grade level, K-8 Class sets of student handouts Sets of trade books for each class for class readings

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