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KinderCorner Instructional Components

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Greetings, Readings, & Writings (15 Minutes)

Each day begins with Greetings, Readings, & Writings. The children are warmly welcomed into your inviting classroom and then become actively involved in meaningful activities after they enter the classroom.

Let's Get Together (15 Minutes)

The Let's Get Together component begins with a sharing time called Let's Talk. The children pass around the Speaking Stone and take truns talking about what is important to them. This builds a feeling of community in the class. Spotlight On introduces the thematic concepts for the day, beginning with the Daily Message.

Rhyme Time (10 Minutes)

The next component, Rhyme Time, promotes phonemic awareness and increases them-related vocabulary through rhymes, songs, and games.

Story Tree (20 Minutes)

Story Tree engages the children in wonderful, age-appropriate literature as they make predictions, recall events, and learn new, theme-related vocabulary. The children often recall and act out the story and learn story elements through high level questioning.

Learning Labs (40 Minutes)

The Learning Labs foster thematic exploration through concrete, hands-on activities. The children engage in problem solving, exploring materials, experimenting, observing, and recording. They interact together, enhancing their interpersonal and oral language skills.

15 Minute Math (15 Minutes)

15 Minute Math is a brief, daily routine of mathematics activities that are connected to everyday situations. All of the activities center around an interactive bulletin board that includes both hands-on and visual materials. The children use a calendar, look at patterns, create graphs, count the number of days they have been in school, and do many other "thinking tasks". The activities are often related to teh theme or time of year.

Snack Time (10 Minutes)

Snack Time enhances interpersonal and self-help skills through peer and adult-child interaction. The focus at Snack Time is on teaching children the mealtime social conventions: making conversation, sharing, serving themselves, using good manners.

Outside/Gross Motor Play (20 Minutes)

Outside/Gross Motor Play promotes physical and social development through theme-related movement activities. Locomotr, balance, and manipulation activities provide opportunities for the children to get exercise and to internalize thematic concepts through kinesthetic experiences.

Stepping Stones (25 Minutes)

Stepping Stones is the structured reading instruction component of the day. It is designed to expose children to letter-sound connections, blending, segmenting, and concepts of print. The activites are brief and engaging. The children are then introduced to the KinderRoots Shared Stories with simple phonetically regular text. Even if some children do not grasp decoding, the focused instruction will provide an awareness and foundation for the Reading Roots program in first grade.

Eat & Run (40 Minutes)

There is a time in the schedule called Eat & Run. There are no set activities for this time of the day so it is not included in the Theme Guides. It is a placeholder to remind us that all young children need time to recharge their batteries. The KinderCorner program emphasizes the importance of nutrition and exercise in helping children grow into strong, accomplished individuals.

Math Mysteries (20 Minutes)

Math Mysteries is a hands-on, languag-based, problem-solving approach to learning mathematics. It consists of a series of clearly structured mathematical concepts and skills emphasizing concept development. Students are actively engaged in constructing their own understanding of mathematics.

Let's Daydream (25 Minutes)

Children also need time to rest. Many children will not sleep at this time. But we all, including you, need down time to relax and unwind. During the rest period, Let's Daydream, we offer a suggested reading, often a poem or piece of beautiful prose filled with imagery, which may provide something for the children to think about while they are resting.

Write Away (20 Minutes)

The suggested reading for Let's Daydream may also provide a topic for the children to write about during Write Away, the emergent writing component that follows rest time. Write Away is an emergent writing process that focuses on what the children are writing about rather than on handwriting.

Let's Think About It (10 Minutes)

At the end of the day is a reflection time, Let's Think About It, which reinforces skills and concepts that the children have learned during the day. It helps them recall and summarize the day's events through discussion and closure activities, such as compiling a book of the day's activities or themes or graphing experiences.

Home Links

Just before the children leave for home, they receive a Home Link activity that promotes family involvement in the children's education. It is a type of "homework", a simple activity that links what the chilren are learning at school with their life outside of school. It might be finding something at home that begins with the sound they learned that day in school, or bringing in something that smells nice, when the focus that day has been the sense of smell. They often take home the children's versions of the SFA Big Books and the KinderRoots Shared Stories, as well as Math Home Links. They should spend about 20 minutes a day reading with an adult or older sibling.


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