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Math Level 0 Standards

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Five Easy Steps to a Balanced Math Program

MA.00.01 Demonstrates an understanding of quantity in spatial relationships, one/two more and less, anchors to 5 and 10 and part-part-whole relationships

MA.00.02 Understands that a number represents a quantity by counting with a one to one correspondence. Reads, models, orders, and counts to 20. Counts backwards from 10-0. Demonstrates understanding of ordinal numbers 1st - 10th. (GLE [K] N-5)

MA.00.03 Identifies halves in groups of objects, shapes, and capacity. (GLE [K] N-6-8)

MA.00.04 Demonstrates and describes addition and subtraction of single digit numbers using pictures and/or objects, including the use of story problems with support. Can use +, -, and = symbols when solving problems with manipulatives. (GLE [K] N-10, E&C-3, F&R-4, PS-1-4)

MA.00.05 Identifies coins by name: penny, nickel, dime and quarter. (GLE [K] MEA-2)

MA.00.06 Names in sequence the days of the week. (GLE [K] MEA-4)

MA.00.07 Practices measuring using non-standard units and can identify instruments used to measure length, time, and temperature. (GLE [K] MEA-30

MA.00.08 Tells time to the hour using analog and digital clocks. (GLE[K] MEA-5)

MA.00.09 Estimates and compares numbers of objects in a given set, up to 10, as more than, less than, or equal to. (GLE [K] E&C-1&2, F&R-5)

MA.00.10 Identifies colors by name: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white.

MA.00.11 (A2.1.1) Sorts and classifies objects into assigned groups and identifies objects that don't belong. Describes objects by color, shape, and size. (GLE [K]MEA-1,G-1&2, F&R-2)

MA.00.12 (A2.1.1, A4.1.1) Recognizes, identifies, and continues a pattern using various attributes. (e.g., shape, color, size and kinesthetics) (GLE [K] F&R-1,3)

MA.00.13 Skip counts by 5s and 10s to 100. (GLE [K] N-12)

MA.00.14 (A5.1.1) Identifies, names, and draws basic geometric shapes in classroom and environment. (GLE [K] G-3)

MA.00.15 Identifies positions of objects that are above, below, before, after, next to, in between, behind, in front of, over, under and beside. (GLE [K] G-5)

MA.00.16 Constructs with support and reads simple graphs. (GLE [K] S&P-1-3)

MA.00.17 Uses mathematical skills in everyday life, including number lines and objects, in everyday life (assessed through observation). (GLE [K] N-11, PS-5)

Additional Resources

Five Easy Steps to a Balanced Math Program

Websites: primary math games

Checklist for EOL Level 0 This checklist is intended to help K teachers assess standards that are not tested on the Quarterly Math Assessment. It is easily modified to fit your needs.

Student Recording Sheet for MA K standards

Here is a site that offers some excellent resources! If you click on Scope and Sequence, there is a brief curriculum map you can follow: Bridges to Math


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