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Math Level 1 Standards

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Five Easy Steps to a Balanced Math Program

MA.01.01 Understands that a number represents a quantity by counting with a one to one correspondence. Reads, writes (practicing correct number formation with prompting), models, orders, and counts to 100.

MA.01.02 ((A1.1.3, A3.1.3) Understands addition and subtraction of numbers to 20 using tools such as manipulatives and number lines. Draws pictures to model story problems and includes a number sentence such as 2+3=5 (horizontally and vertically). Solves repeated addition 2+2+2=6.

MA.01.03 Divides geometric shapes into equal halves, thirds, and fourths. (GLE [1] N-4,5)

MA.01.04 Demonstrates understanding of ordinal numbers 1st – 20th. (GLE [1] N-3)

MA.01.05 Tells time to the half hour using analog and digital clocks. (GLE [1] MEA-4)

MA.01.06 (A2.1.2) Use non-standard units to measure and compare lengths and draws a line segment to the nearest inch. (GLE [1] MEA-1,3,5).

MA.01.07 Differentiates between morning, afternoon, and evening.

MA.01.08 Can tell the value of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies and dollar bills. Recognizes money symbols. Identifies equal values up to a dollar (5 pennies=1 nickel, 5 nickels = 1 quarter)(GLE [1]MEA-2,7, 8).

MA.01.09 Names months in order. Reads a calendar to distinguish between yesterday, today and tomorrow. (GLE [1] MEA-6)

MA.01.10 Memorization of facts (sums and differences) with a total of not more than 10 (can do without manipulatives). Recalls doubles to 20. (GLE [1] , E&C 3,4)

MA.01.11 Demonstrates an understanding of fact-families (sums and differences to 10). (GLE [1] N-10)

MA.01.12 Estimates "how much" or "how many" in a set up to 20. Identifies estimation as realistic with support. (GLE [1] E&C-1,2)

MA.01.13 (A2.1.1, A4.1.1)Identifies, names, and creates a pattern using various attributes (e.g., shape, color, size, number and rhythm).(GLE [1] F&R 1-2)

MA.01.14 Skip counts by 2s to 20. Identifies even and odd numbers to 20.(GLE [1 N-8, 9)

MA.01.15 (A5.1.1) Identifies and classifies shapes by their attributes. (GLE [1] G-1,2)

MA.01.16 Shows understanding of symmetry by cutting or folding shapes along a single line of symmetry.

MA.01.17 Models directional and positional concepts that are above, below, before, after, next to, in between, in front of, behind, over, under, beside, etc.

MA.01.18 Demonstrates a basic understanding of probability by using strategies to explain and to correctly identify likely or unlikely outcomes. (GLE [1] S&P-5, PS-4)

MA.01.19 Describes and constructs real graphs, pictographs, and bar graphs. Collects and records data and interprets with support.(GLE [1] S&P 1-4)

MA.01.20 Divides groups up to 50 objects in half. (GLE [1] N-4)

MA.01.21 Uses mathematical skills in everyday life. Creates, solves, and explains thinking about simple problems using a variety of stratigies.(GLE [1]PS-1,3,6, G-3,4)

Additional Resources

Print Materials:

media:Cycles of Life.doc

Math tutor cards with activity ideas for several Level 1 standards. media:Math_Tutor_Cards.doc

Websites: primary math games


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