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MA.04.01 (A1.2.1) Understands concepts of negative numbers.

MA.04.02 Identifies, describes, draws, and models fractions, equivalent fractions and mixed numbers with denominators from 2 to 12, and finds the fraction of a set, region, and equal parts of a whole. (GLE [4] N-4, N-5)

MA.04.03 (A1.2.1) Orders, reads, writes, and models numbers from zero to hundred thousands, (GLE [4] N-1, N-2) and converts between expanded notation and standard form. (GLE [4] N-3)

MA.04.04 (A1.1.7, A1.2.7) Demonstrates and models the commutative (8x3=3x8) and identity (4x1=4) properties of addition and multiplication. (GLE [4] N-10, N-11)

MA.04.05 (A2.2.5) Finds elapsed time to the nearest half hour, in addition to reading and drawing time to the nearest minute using A.M. or P.M. on analog and digital clocks. (GLE [5] MEA-5)

MA.04.06 (A2.2.1) Reads scales and measurement devices in English and Metric. Selects an appropriate unit of Metric and English measurement to estimate length (cm, m, in, ft, yd, mi), weight (lbs., kg), and temperature (Celsius and Fahrenheit) to the nearest unit. (GLE [4] MEA-2, MEA-4)

MA.04.07 (A2.2.3) Uses a variety of measuring tools appropriately (ruler, weight scale, and thermometer). Measures to the nearest 1/4 inch and nearest centimeter for length. (GLE [4] MEA-5)

MA.04.08 (A2.2.2, A2.3.2) Identifies and uses equivalent measurements for length within Metric and English systems (inch, foot, yard: 12 inches=1 foot, 3 feet=1yard, 36 inches=1 yard; centimeter, meter: 100 centimeters=1meter). (GLE [4] MEA-3)

MA.04.09 (A2.2.6) Counts back change correctly from $5.00 and determines possible combinations of coins and bills to given amounts (GLE [4] MEA-8)

MA.04.10 (A3.2.2) Memorizes multiplication and division facts to 12 X 12 and understands the relationship between multiplication and division and multiplication and addition. (GLE [4] E & C-1, N-7, N-8)

MA.04.11 (A3.2.3) Performs 4-digit addition and subtraction with place values, including rounding. (GLE [5] E&C-3)

MA.04.12 (A3.2.4) Performs 2-digit X 2-digit multiplication and division, including rounding (GLE [5] E &C-4) in addition to identifying and listing factors and multiples of a number. (GLE [4] N-2)

MA.04.13 Adds and subtracts fractions with like denominators through 2 to 12. (GLE [4] E&C-5)

MA.04.14 (A4.2.1, A4.2.4) Uses words, lists, numbers, and tables to find a pattern using (+, -, x). Explain the rule, extend the pattern (up to 10 terms), make predictions, and solve problems. (GLE [4] F&R-2)

MA.04.15 (A4.2.5) Uses and writes open number sentences (+, -, x) to solve for an unknown represented by a box or a circle (ex. 9 - = 2, x 8 = 56, 12+5 = ). (GLE [4] F&R-4)

MA.04.16 Estimates and determines area or perimeter of rectangles, squares, and irregular shapes using graph paper. (GLE [4] G-6)

MA.04.17 Uses the attributes and properties of solid figures (edges, vertices, or the number of shape faces to model), identify, compare or describe solid figures (cubes, cylinders, or spheres) (ex. cans, dice, balls) (GLE [4] G-2)

MA.04.18 Uses the attributes and properties of angles to identify, compare, and classify triangles (acute, right, or obtuse) and regular polygons. (GLE [4] G-1)

MA.04.19 Draws lines of symmetry and identifies shapes that are congruent. (GLE [4] G-3, G-4)

MA.04.20 Describes, organizes, records, and interprets data from a variety of visual displays, in addition to creating visual displays with whole numbers up to 25 using appropriate scale (e.g., tallies, tables, charts, pictographs, Venn Diagrams, and bar graphs). (GLE [4] S &P-1)

MA.04.21 Uses mode and range with up to 5 pieces of data. (GLE [4] S&P-3)

MA.04.22 Predicts or explains the probability or all possible outcomes in a simple experiment (ex. spinners, dice, coins) (GLE [4] S &P-4) and determines possible combinations in a given situation involving up to three items (ex. how many ways can you choose two fruits out of a basket containing oranges and bananas? – two bananas; one orange, and one banana; and two oranges). (GLE [4] S&P 5)

MA.04.23 Applies and communicates solutions and explanations for various problem-solving strategies (lists, guess and check, extends patterns) to solve story problems aligned to this level. (GLE [4] PS-1)

MA.04.24 (E1.2.1) Applies mathematical skills and processes to other disciplines and everyday life. (GLE [4] PS-5)


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