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MA.05.01 Identifies Roman Numerals up to 100.

MA.05.02 Compares and orders fractions and decimals using models, pictures, symbols, and words. (GLE [6] N-1)

MA.05.03 (A1.2.2) Orders, reads, writes, models, and identifies place value positions from .01 to 1,000,000 and convert between standard and expanded from (GLE [5] N-3, N-2, N-1)

MA.05.04 (A3.3.5) Recognizes fractional forms of common decimals (e.g. 1/4=. 25). (GLE [5] N-5)

MA.05.05 Describing or illustrating commutative or identity properties of addition and multiplication. (GLE [5] N-9

MA.05.06 (A1.2.5) Performs addition and subtraction of fractions with like denominators and decimal numbers (including money). (GLE [5] N-8)

MA.05.07 (A3.2.5) Models improper fractions to whole or mixed numbers and identifies equivalent fractions. (GLE [5] N-5)

MA.05.08 Identify and list factors and multiples common to a set. (GLE [5] N-10)

MA.05.09 (A2.42) Converts measurement within units of US Standard or Metric. Identify or use equivalent measures for weight/mass (16 oz = 1lb or 1000g = 1kg) and length (1000mm = 1 meter). (GLE [5] MEA-3), (GLE [9] MEA-1)

MA.05.10 (A2.2.1) Estimate length, weight, and temperature using metric and standard measurement. (GLE (5) MEA 1-3, (GLE 9-MEA1)

MA.05.11 Calculate elapsed time to the nearest 1/4 hour. (GLE [6] MEA-4)

MA.05.12 Demonstrates the ability for handling money, budgeting, and shopping by simulating purchases and determining possible combinations of coins and bills to given amounts. (GLE [5] MEA-6)

MA.05.13 Measure to within 1/8 of an inch and nearest millimeter. (GLE [6] MEA-7)

MA.05.14 (A3.2.4) Performs 3 X 2-digit multiplications and division and 4-digit addition and subtraction. (GLE [5] E&C –4)

MA.05.15 (A3.2.1) Round numbers to appropriate place value to estimate and justify solutions to solve a variety of problems.

MA.05.16 Uses words, lists, numbers, and tables to find patterns (+, -, x, /), explain the rule, extend the pattern (up to ten terms), make predictions, and solve problems. (GLE [5] F&R-1)

MA.05.17 (A4.2.5) Uses and writes open number sentences and word problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) that solve for an unknown represented by a box, circle, or variable e.g. (5 + = 11). (GLE [5] F&R-5)

MA.05.18 (A5.2.5) Analyzes and models special transformations (slides, flips, and turns) (e.g.. Pictures of cultural art, architecture, fabric designs, etc). (GLE [5] G-3)

MA.05.19 Accurately classifies angles as right, obtuse, acute or straight. (GLE [5] G-1, [7] MEA-5)

MA.05.20 (A5.2.1) Identifies cubes, cylinders, cones, spheres, pyramids, and rectangular prisms using the attributes of solid figures (orientation of sides, edges, vertices, and number of faces). Identify or compare triangles (scalene, isosceles, or equilateral) or quadrilaterals (parrellograms, trapezoids, and rhombi). (GLE [5] G-1, G-2)

MA.05.21 Identify and create geometric shapes that are similar, congruent, or symmetrical. (GLE [5] G-4)

MA.05.22 Estimate or determine the area and circumference of a circle using a grid or manipulative. (GLE [5] G-7)

MA.05.23 (A5.2.6) Locates and places points on a grid (using a map, globe, etc). (GLE [5] G-8)

MA.05.24 (A5.2.7) Sketches and identifies segments, midpoints, intersections, parallel and perpendicular lines. (GLE [5] G-9)

MA.05.25 (A5.2.4) Calculates perimeter and area of rectangles and squares and figures that can be divided into rectangles and squares. (GLE [5] C-6)

MA.05.26 (6.2.2) Uses data to construct tables, bar graphs, Venn Diagrams and line graphs with whole numbers up to 50 using an appropriate scale. (GLE [5] S&P –1)

MA.05.27 Predicting or explaining the probability of all possible outcomes in an experiment using ratios or fractions to describe the probability. (GLE [5] S&P-5)

MA.05.28 Makes predictions based upon and explains data from tables, bar graphs, Venn Diagrams and line graphs. (GLE [5] S&P –2)

MA.05.29 (A6.2.3) Determines mean, median, mode, and range from collection of data. (GLE [5] S&P –3)

MA.05.30 Translates and successfully solves problems between everyday language and mathematical symbols including pictorial and/or symbolic representation. (GLE [5] PS-3)

Multiple Standards Projects

Fractions Unit 5.05 Fraction Forms, 5.07 Like Denominators, 5.08 Improper Fractions, 5.09 Factors (Reducing) 5.14, Measure to 1/8 of an inch.

Sewing Project

- This project also hits career, life, and tech skills.


Five Easy Steps to a Balanced Math Program

Estimation and Computation Pre-Assessments

These worksheets can be used to test whether students are ready for the estimation and computation strand of the Level 5 EOL.

Media:E&CReview.doc Estimation and Computation Review


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