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RE.01.01 Recognizes first name in print. ELG 67

RE.01.02 Develops age-appropriate vocabulary. GLE (K)1.1.4; ELG 60 & 61

RE.01.03 Shows the ability to be part of an audience. ELG 70

RE.01.04 Chooses books to look at for a sustained period of time (minimum of 5 minutes) ELG 70

RE.01.05 Knows basic concepts of print. GLE (K)1.1.5; ELG 67 & 68

RE.01.06 Distinguishes similarities and differences in pictures and letters. ELG 71

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General Resources Helps kids learn the sounds, lets them read fun phonetic books with sight words, and gives games to do for Holidays or special days like 100th day of school, Halloween, etc. This mostly hits standards in RE level 2 but kids are learning sounds when they are in RE Level 1.

Student Letter Matrix A chart that allows students to keep track of their knowledge of letters. Students can color in a box for: sound, name, can write, and uses it.

Little Kids National Geographic:


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