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RE.02.01 Demonstrates phonemic awareness in the areas of rhyming, initial sounds, and say-it-fast. GLE(1)1.1.1; (1).1.2; ELG 65

RE.02.02 Identifies target lower-case letter sounds and 7 other letter sounds in random order. GLE (K)1.1.2; ELG 66

RE.02.03 Identifies target lower-case letter names and 7 other letter names in random order. GLE (K)1.1.2; ELG 66

RE.02.04 Sounds out three letter consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words with assistance (say-it-fast). GLE (1).1.1; ELG 65

RE.02.05 Recognizes target sight words with automaticity. GLE

RE.02.06 Uses age-appropriate descriptive vocabulary and verbally describes a picture (visualization). GLE (1).1.1.5; ELG 60 & 61

RE.02.07 Can demonstrate concepts of print while pretend reading from a familiar picture book. GLE (1).1.1.5; ELG 70

RE.02.08 Follows 2 and 3 step oral directions. GLE (K).1.6.1; (1).1.6.1 ELG 63

RE.02.09 Chooses books to look at/read for a sustained period of time (minimum of 7 minutes). GLE (1).1.1.6; ELG 70

RE.02.10 Demonstrates comprehension of oral stories by recalling simple facts from a story. GLE (K) 1.2.1; ELG 63

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General Resources Helps kids learn the sounds, lets them read fun phonetic books with sight words, and gives games to do for Holidays or special days like 100th day of school, Halloween, etc. This mostly hits standards in RE level 2 but kids are learning sounds when they are in RE Level 1.

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Little Kids National Geographic:

Requirements for Reading Level 2.1-2.5

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