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RE.04.01 Demonstrates understanding of syllabication rules and reads multi-syllabic words. (GLE[ 2 & 3]1.1.1)

RE.04.02 Acquires, understands and uses vocabulary in context, including basic parts of speech (nouns, verbs, pronouns and introduce adjectives).(GLE[2 & 3]1.1.4)

RE.04.03 Classifies/categorizes by commonalities in a list format.

RE.04.04 Develops oral reading fluency and expression. 114 wpm (GLE[2 & 3]1.3.1, 1.1.5)

RE.04.05 Recognizes appropriate sight words with automaticity. (GLE[2 & 3]1.1.2)

RE.04.06 Makes connections using prior knowledge to predict future events in a story. (GLE[2 & 3]1.2.2),1.10.1),1.10.2)

RE.04.07 Identifies main idea and supporting details. (GLE[2 & 3]1.5.1)

RE.04.08 Retells a story and includes basic story elements including characters, setting, problem/solution, sequence of events and point of view. (GLE[2 & 3]1.4.1),1.4.2),1.8.1)

RE.04.09 Demonstrates ability to follow simple instructions from a text or printed material. (GLE[2 & 3]1.6.1),1.6.2)

RE.04.10 Draws conclusions and inferences from text, including character motivation. (GLE[2 & 3]1.2.3),1.2.4)

RE.04.11 Responds to comprehension questions with complete short answers. (GLE[2 & 3]1.2.1)

RE.04.12 Chooses books to read for a sustained period of time (minimum of 20 minutes), with an increase in silent reading. (GLE[2 & 3]1.1.5)

RE.04.13 Reads and comprehends appropriate text, including ability to visualize (mind movies). SRI 590

RE.04.14 Identifies basic forms of genres and their cultural influence. (GLE[2 & 3]1.7.1),1.11.1)

Here is a link to a MS Word document with a Read and Respond on it for use with Level 4 readers. I used it with my Wings 2.1 group Media:Read&respond.doc

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