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RE.05.01 Identifies structural elements such as root words, prefixes, suffixes, plurals, compound words, contractions and abbreviations. (GLE[4&5]2.1.1)

RE.05.02 Develops oral reading fluency and expression. 126 wpm (GLE[4&5]2.1.5,2.3.1)

RE.05.03 Chooses a book to read for a sustained period of time (minimum 20 minutes) from various genres: fiction, non-fiction and poetry. (GLE[4&5]2.7.1), (GLE[4&5]2.7.2)

RE.05.04 Reads appropriate text and demonstrates understanding - through oral and written response - using strategies such as clarifying, questioning, predicting, visualizing (mind-movie), making connections and drawing conclusions/inferring. SRI 750 (GLE[4&5]2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.3, 2.2.4,2.5.2)

RE.05.05 Identifies main idea and supporting details. (GLE[4&5]2.5.1), (GLE[4&5]2.5.2)

RE.05.06 Identifies or explains the use of literary elements and devices; dialogue, rhyme, alliteration, simile and metaphor. (GLE[4&5]2.7.3)

RE.05.07 Completes a task by following written, mulit-step directions and identifies the sequence of steps involved. (GLE[4&5]2.6.1), (GLE[4&5]2.6.2)

RE.05.08 Demonstrates the ability to distinguish fact/opinion and cause/effect. (GLE[4&5]2.9.1)

RE.05.09 Uses dictionary, glossary, table of contents and index to locate and clarify information.

RE.05.10 Demonstrates ability to summarize information or ideas from text and sequence events.(GLE[4&5]2.4.1)

RE.05.11 Identifies, describes, compares/contrasts basic story elements including character traits, setting, problem/solution, sequence of events, point of view, author's purpose and theme. (GLE[4&5]2.8.1), (GLE[4&5]2.8.2), (GLE[4&5]2.10.1)

RE.05.12 Determines the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary words using knowledge of word families, phonetics, visual and context clues. (GLE[4&5]2.1.2)

RE.05.13 Identifies relationships among words by categorizing: homonyms/homophones, synonyms, antonyms, analogies, adjectives, adverbs and shades of meaning. (GLE[4&5]2.1.4)

RE.05.14 Reads information using text features such as tables, headings, subheadings, keys and bolded-italicized words. (GLE[4&5]2.1.3)

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