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RE.06.01 Identifies meaning of structural elements such as prefixes, suffixes, base words, and abbreviations. (GLE[6]2.1.1), (GLE[6]2.1.2), (GLE[6]2.1.4)

RE.06.02 Develops oral reading fluency and expression. 132 wpm (GLE[6]2.1.5), (GLE[6]2.3.1)

RE.06.03 Compares/contrasts the characteristics of the four major genres (short story, drama, novel and poetry) including their cultural influence. (GLE[6]2.7.2, [6]2.7.1, [6]2.7.3)

RE.06.04 Applies complex, written, multi-step directions to real-life and identifies the sequence of steps involved (ie. Science experiment). (GLE[6]2.6.1), (GLE[6]2.6.2)

RE.06.05 States an author's purpose for a given selection (persuade, inform, narrate, explain, and entertain). (GLE[7]3.8.2)

RE.06.06 Interprets literary devices including alliteration, rhyme, onomatopoeia, personification, simile and metaphor. (GLE[6]2.7.3)

RE.06.07 Express opinions about a text and support opinions with evidence; recognizes bias and propaganda. (GLE[6]2.9.1), (GLE[6]2.9.2), (GLE[6]2.9.3)

RE.06.08 Chooses a book to read for a sustained period of time (minimum 20 minutes) from various genres.

RE.06.09 Reads appropriate text and demonstrates comprehension - through oral and written response - using strategies such as clarifying, questioning, visualizing (mind-movie) and making connections. SRI 880 (GLE[6]2.1.3), (GLE[6]2.2.1), (GLE[6]2.2.2), (GLE[6]2.4.1)

RE.06.10 Analyzes story elements by comparing/contrasting themes, climax, rising and falling action, point of view and all level 5 requirements. (GLE[6]2.7.3), (GLE[6]2.8.1), (GLE[6]2.10.1), (GLE[6]2.10.2)

RE.06.11 Demonstrates ability to draw conclusions using inferences, predicting, character motivation and cause and effect. (GLE[6]2.2.2), (GLE[6]2.2.3), (GLE[6]2.2.4)

RE.06.12 Restates and summarizes main idea and supporting details by paraphrasing and using graphic organizers. (GLE[6]2.5.1), (GLE[6]2.5.2), (GLE[6]2.5.3)

Guidelines for Multi-level toggling

Level 6 General Resources

EED Formative Assessments Click on Grade 6

Suggestions for alignment between BSSD Level 6 standards and Reading Edge

Resources or Projects That Meet Multiple RE L6 Standards

Freak the Mighty Project

The Shawshank Redemption Project


These presentations display information for students: reading goal, big question, vocabulary, cycle and day number, book title, and standards covered. Use a projector to show these during the class period. The presentations are provided in both PDF and the editable Keynote file.

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