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RE.07.01 Demonstrates meaning of unfamiliar words using context clues and knowledge of word origins (Latin and Greek root words and other language influences) and recognizes words that have been adopted into English (i.e. kayak, tortilla, tundra, yoyo, rendez-vous). (GLE[7&8]3.1.1), (GLE[7&8]3.1.2), (GLE[7&8]3.1.4)

RE.07.02 Develops oral reading fluency and expression. 180 wpm (GLE[7&8]3.2.1), (GLE[7&8]3.2.2), (GLE[7&8]3.5.2)

RE.07.03 Chooses a book to read for a sustained period of time (minimum 30 minutes) from various genres.

RE.07.04 Reads appropriate text and demonstrates comprehension - through oral and written response - using strategies such as inferring/drawing conclusions, making connections, visualizing (mind-movie), questioning and clarifying. SRI 1000 (GLE[7&8]3.3.2), (GLE[7&8]3.3.3), (GLE[7&8]3.1.5)

RE.07.05 Organizes relevant information in outline form when summarizing main ideas and supporting details. (GLE[7&8]3.3.1), (GLE[7&8]3.4.1), (GLE[7&8]3.4.2)

RE.07.06 Demonstrates the ability to evaluate and analyze literary devices (time sequence, imagery, foreshadowing) across a variety of genres. (GLE[7&8]3.6.1), (GLE[7&8]3.6.2)

RE.07.07 Completes a task by following written, multi-step text directions. (GLE[7&8]3.5.1), (GLE[7&8]3.5.2)

RE.07.08 Identifies bias/propaganda in an author's argument by citing evidence from a public document (newspapers/magazines/speeches). (GLE[7&8]3.8.1), (GLE[7&8]3.8.2)

RE.07.09 Analyzes story elements including themes and author's purpose using textual evidence across a variety of selections. (GLE[7&8]3.6.1), (GLE[7&8]3.8.2), (GLE[7&8]3.9.1), (GLE[7&8]3.9.2), (GLE[7&8]3.9.3), (GLE[7&8]3.7.1), (GLE[7&8]3.7.2), (GLE[7&8]3.7.3)

RE.07.10 Acquires vocabulary to understand relationships among words (analogies. homonyms, synonyms and antonyms). (GLE[7&8]3.1.3)

RE.07.11 Identifies how texts reflect historical and cultural influences. (GLE[7&8]3.10.1), (GLE[7&8]3.10.2)

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