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RE.08.01 Determines meaning of unfamiliar words using context clues (ie. Derivational roots, affixes, cultural derivations, technical terms and content specific vocabulary). (GLE[9&10]4.1.1), (GLE[9&10]4.1.2), (GLE[9&10]4.1.3),(GLE[9&10]4.1.4)

RE.08.02 Chooses a book to read for a sustained period of time (minimum of 30 minutes) from various genres.

RE.08.03 Demonstrates comprehension of various appropriate texts -through oral and written response - using all reading strategies. SRI 1080 (GLE[9&10]4.2.2),(GLE[9&10]4.3.3), (GLE[9&10]4.8.2)

RE.08.04 Discerns between relevant and irrelevant information that supports a theme/main idea or plot. (GLE[9&10]4.6.3),(GLE[9&10]4.8.1), (GLE[9&10]4.8.2), (GLE[9&10]4.3.1), (GLE[9&10)4.3.2)

RE.08.05 Analyzes the author's intent for - and role of - literary techniques (tone, hyperbole, symbolism, idiomatic, allusions, dialects, irony, shades of meaning and satire) used in a variety of genres. (GLE[9&10]4.1.2), (GLE[9&10]4.1.3),(GLE[9&10]4.5.1), (GLE[9&10]4.5.2), (GLE[9&10]4.5.3), (GLE[9&10]4.6.1), (GLE[9&10]4.6.2), (GLE[9&10]4.6.4)

RE.08.06 Reads and applies multi-step directions to perform complex procedures and tasks (eg. filling out a catalog order, income tax return or dividend application). (GLE[9&10]4.4.1), (GLE[9&10]4.4.2)

RE.08.07 Demonstrates the ability to critique issues addressed within various texts, giving well-supported, logical arguments/opinions and asking questions. (GLE[9%10]4.3.3),(GLE[9&10]4.3.5), (GLE[9&10]4.3.6), (GLE[9&10]4.7.1)

RE.08.08 Uses textual evidence to identify and analyze an author's purpose. (GLE[9&10]4.6), (GLE[9&10]4.7.2),(GLE[9%10]4.3.5),(GLE[9&10]4.6.4), (GLE[9&10]4.8.1), (GLE[9&10]4.8.2)

RE.08.09 Locates information from text and summarizes ideas in sequence (ie. outline form). (GLE[9&10]4.3.2), (GLE[9&10]4.2.1), (GLE[9&10]4.2.2)

RE.08.10 Makes and supports assertions from texts or experiences about the effectiveness of a text's message. (GLE[9&10]4.2.2)

Guidelines for toggling in Multiple Levels

Stand Alone Reading

Stand Alone Reading is the direct instruction reading course for students that have passed the HSGQE, and who are in BSSD RE Level 8 or higher.

Stand Alone format follows one of two options:

Both options make it possible for the teacher to select material that is appropriate for the students and allows for such alignment as using SS reading material to teach both SS standards AND RE standards.


Stand Alone Reading ISAG

Suggestions for alignment between BSSD Level 8 standards and Reading Edge

Grammar Criss Cross Puzzle by Ana Swanson

Grammar criss cross Puzzle solution

EED Formative Assessments Click on 10th grade Reading

Lessons or Projects Covering Multiple RE Level 8 Standards

Final Project for "Wit"

Example Book Clubs:

Book Review for Book Club Level 8

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