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RE.09.01 Identifies in-depth elements of narrative and expository texts in outline or graph form.

RE.09.02 Identifies specific devices an author is using to persuade readers.

RE.09.03 Interprets longer, more complex passages--both fiction and nonfiction (ie: Iliad, Othello, Gone with the Wind, Moby Dick.)

RE.09.04 Responds to literature through discussions, in writing, through story telling and/or performance.

RE.09.05 Creates a student reader's response portfolio using self-directed and assigned reading.

RE.09.06 Performs plays, stories, anecdotes, speeches, debates, and other presentations for an audience.

RE.09.07 Follows multi-task instructions from a technical manual successfully.

Projects to Cover Multiple RE Level 9 Standards

Final Project for "Wit"


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