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Reading Roots is a 90-minute comprehensive program that targets the needs of beginning readers. Reading Roots is a research-based beginning reading program that has proven its effectiveness in randomized experimental research. It provides a strong base for successful reading by providing systematic phonics instruction supported by decodable stories, as well as instruction in fluency and comprehension. Reading Roots also fosters students’ love of reading by providing rich literature experiences, extensive oral language development, and thematically-focused writing instruction. These objectives are embedded in a fast-paced, engaging, and highly effective instructional process. Students are assessed and regrouped according to their reading level every quarter to ensure they are receiving the most focused instruction.

Second and third grade non-readers can be regrouped into Reading Roots classes. This solution includes all of the elements needed for ensuring success: teacher manuals, student materials, initial training for teachers, intensive onsite and telephone coaching, and tools for monitoring students’ progress.

Instructional Materials Reading Roots materials include puppets, colorful picture cards, helpful strategy cue cards, engaging videos, and more, making this program not only research-based and proven, but fun!

A complete and easy to use 4-volume set of teacher’s manuals provides detailed daily lesson guides for phonics, student story reading, teacher read-alouds, oral language, and writing lesson activities. Materials such as letter cards, picture cards, word cards, puppets, and read-aloud books are all provided. Award-winning video segments designed for teachers to show during the lesson are available as an option.

Student materials include phonics practice and consumable reading books, colorful sound cue strips, strategy cue cards, celebration flyers, homework, assessments, and parent notes. These provide many opportunities to help develop students’ confidence as readers.

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Roots Instructional Components

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FastTrack Phonics (20 minutes)

Colorful mnemonic pictures are integrated with alliterative phrases, sounds, and letter cues to provide phonemic awareness and phonics instruction in six skills: letter-sound correspondence, auditory sound blending, word-level blending, writing sounds, auditory segmentation of sounds, and sound spelling. Entertaining puppets, chants, and games add fun to the fast-paced systematic instruction that is designed to review and introduce sounds and their written representations. Teachers decide to review or accelerate lessons based on informal monitoring and diagnostic assessments.

FTP Assessments 1-9

Key Cards are posted in the classroom
Shared Story (30 minutes)

Colorful Shared Story books invite students to use their developing decoding, fluency, and comprehension skills. The teacher presents new vocabulary words, and then guides students to read the story with their partners. Students then discuss their comprehension as they become confident, enthusiastic readers.

Story Telling and Retelling (STaR) (20 minutes)

A collection of forty-eight books, both fictional and expository text, are read interactively with students as part of the Reading Roots lessons. Prediction, clarification, questioning, summarization, and visualization strategies are modeled and practiced as they relate to the comprehension of the text structure, meaning, or story elements of the STaR books.

Language Links (20 minutes)

Structured Language Links activities, which are based upon the corresponding Shared Story and STaR story in the lesson, stimulate children’s oral language and cognitive development as they learn effective ways to communicate ideas, feelings, and experiences. Students use higher-level thinking skills as they engage in dissusion of authentic literature.

Adventures in Writing (40 minutes)

On the third day of every Reading Roots lesson, students are guided through a writing activity that is related to the theme of both the Shared Story and STaR books. Students use the writing process as they think, speak, and work collaboratively with others.

Roots Resources

Core Strategies

FTP Assessments 1-9

Roots Schedule Levels 1-3

Roots Schedule Level 4)

Wanda's Roots Assessment


SRI Test Student Cards

Roots Fluency Flyers

Student FastTrack Phonics sheets

Fast Track Phonics Poster Sheets

Updated Eight Error Analysis

Reading Roots Alignment with Fry Words 1-100

Printable Cheer Cards 1-8

Printable Cheer Cards 9-16

Printable Cheer Cards 17-24

Printable Cheer Cards25-32

Revised 2008 Roots QAS

Fast Track Phonics Assessment Class Composite

Think~Pair~Share Poster


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