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Tutors work with their faciitator and the students'reading teachers to put tutoring principles into practice. There are steps to show how this process unfolds, beginning with the identification of the students who need tutoring and ending with a celebration of a quarterly cycle of tutoring. The facilitator identifies the students who need tutoring by using the students' assessment data, information from reading teacher | Tutoring Checklist


Tutoring, specifically Alphie's Alley, is designed for lower level students who are struggling with phonemic awareness. Students who are usually placed in tutoring are either roots kids who are struggling with sound recognition and beginning wings kids who are struggling with some of their sounds. Use teachers to help form a schedule so that you are not pulling kids during something they really need. Also, identify who's getting tutored in each quarter in DART.

Assessment and Planning

Alphie’s Alley provides animated assessments that allow the tutor to identify the exact level of each student. Based on these assessments, Alphie’s Alley then generates a tutoring plan with guided assistance for the tutor. Each plan recommends a list of activities, their objectives, and explanations if needed. Tutors have the option of carrying out the generated plan or adjusting it as they see fit.


In addition to assisting the tutor in structuring each tutoring session, the student-tutor module contains 18 digital activities, such as Auditory Blending and Segmenting, Letter Sounding, Letter Identification, Word-level Blending, Spelling, etc. The activity level is customized for each student and is based on his or her initial assessment.

How do I write my thoughts about a student’s progress on Alphie’s Alley?

1. Select a student on the student menu.

2. Click on the “planning” tab on the bottom middle of the student menu.

3. Click “select this plan” tab on the middle bottom of the screen. Note: If you do not have a plan highlighted under “View an Existing Plan”, then you must click “Use Suggested Plan”.

4. Click the “Report” tab on the top middle of the screen.

5. Type any information you would like to communicate about the student you tutor.

6. Be sure to click “Save” at the bottom right of your screen!

Tutoring Resources

iCommunity Tutoring Page


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