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Unit: SS_EO_5_How_our_Economy_works

SS.EO.05 - SS_EO_5_How_our_Economy_works


Unit Goal Description Here!

Focus Questions:

Focus Questions Listed Here!

Learning Objectives / Standards:

Examine markets and how supply and demand work together to affect prices of goods and services.

A.Identify the differing interests of buyers and sellers in a market with respect to price

B.Explain effects of supply and demand on prices

C.Predict what will happen to prices when supply or demand changes

D.Sequence events on a timeline.

E.Hypothesize reasons for high and low prices in the local community.

F. Understands use of resources in subsistence economies

Alaska State Standards/Grade Level Expectations (GLEs):

Social Studies

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Key Vocabulary:

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Our Community and Beyond Chapter 8

Assessment (formative):

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Closure or Culminating Activities Described Here!

Teacher notes /refinements:

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