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Unit: SS_HA_7_Statehood_and_Alaska_Government

SS.HA.07 - SS_HA_7_Statehood_and_Alaska_Government


Unit Goal Description Here!

Focus Questions:

Focus Questions Listed Here!

Learning Objectives / Standards:

Understands Statehood and Alaska State Government

A. Summarize the Constitutional Convention

B. Analyze the Constitution

C. Identify key events in the Statehood Process

Alaska State Standards/Grade Level Expectations (GLEs):

Social Studies

  • Social Studies Standards Bulleted Here (Numbers/Letters Are Bold) Actual Standard Text is plain...

Key Vocabulary:

Key Vocabulary Terms Listed Here!


A. Alaska: The last of the land...Unit 8
B. Alaska: The Last of the Land...Teachers Guide pp 104-117
The Alaska Constitution: A Citizen's Guide (online)
C. Alaska: The last of the land...Unit 8, esp. pp108
Adventures in the Alaska Economy: Episode IX: The Quest for Statehood
Alaska's History: Ch. 5 The Politics of Statehood pp 88-89

Supplemental resources:

A. Videos:
B. The Alaska Constitution: A Citizen's Guide (online)

Assessment (formative):

Assessment Alternatives Listed and Described Here!


Students create a brochure illustrating each separate branch of the government. Leaders of each branch, the duties of the branch, and the balance of power within the State government should be described. The qualifications of and length of terms for the governor, lieutenant governor, state senator, state representatives, and state supreme court justice must be included as well

Teacher notes /refinements:

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