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Unit: SS_HW_10_Other_Modern_Conflicts

SS.HW.10 - SS_HW_10_Other_Modern_Conflicts


Unit Goal Description Here!

Focus Questions:

Focus Questions Listed Here!

Learning Objectives / Standards:

Examine the principles and influence of other modern conflicts

A. Describe the Independence of India

B. Explain tensions in the Middle East

C. Examine Apartheld in South Africa

D. Examine the Independence of African states

E. Trace the causes and effects of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Alaska State Standards/Grade Level Expectations (GLEs):

Social Studies

  • Social Studies Standards Bulleted Here (Numbers/Letters Are Bold) Actual Standard Text is plain...

Key Vocabulary:

Key Vocabulary Terms Listed Here!


Holt World History: Human Legacy
ch. 31, 32

Assessment (formative):

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Closure or Culminating Activities Described Here!

Teacher notes /refinements:

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