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TE 3.1 Keyboards 10 WPM with hands on homerow with 90% accuracy and proper ergonomics.

TE 3.2 Student will understand that software needs to be installed on the computer.

TE 3.3 Logs onto school file server, saves files to personal space, and prints to designated printer.

TE 3.4 Accesses school email via a web browser and send and recieve email.

TE 3.5 Student demonstrates knowledge of media ownership.

TE 3.6 Explain safe practice for email and internet use (ie. privacy, viruses, etiquette).

TE 3.7 Students participate in incorporating data into tables, spreadsheets, and charts.

TE 3.8 Student participates in a teacher led demonstration or project using video and photos in both a multimedia editing software and presentation software.

TE 3.9 Use technology tools (eg., multimedia authoring, presentation, web tools, digital cameras, scanners) for individual and/or collaborative writing, communication, and publishing activite(s) to create knowledge product for audiences.


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