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TE 2.1 Uses proper keyboard position to locate keys within 5 seconds and types simple sentences.

TE 2.2 Logs in as a student user on the computer (knows username and password).

TE 2.3 Identifies and uses desktop items(i.e. icons, trash, folders, drag and drop).

TE 2.4 Identifies and uses components (monitor, keyboard, mouse, power button, headphones and volume control).

TE 2.5 Prints documents and saves documents using appropriate file name.

TE 2.6 Demonstrates respect, responsibility, and honesty with files, software, login names, and passwords.

TE 2.7 Follows classroom rules for proper care of computers.

TE 2.8 Participates in teacher led digital communication project (i.e. email another class, Audio/ video conference, web based collaboration).

TE 2.9 Participates in a teacher led internet research project (ie. DART, national monument, virtual tour).


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