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TE 4.1 Keyboards 20 WPM w/90% accuracy with correct ergonomics.

TE 4.2 Can locate internal specs (Ghz, RAM, HD capacity, optical drive abilities) and label Ports (Firewire, USB, DVI/VGA, Ethernet, Power).

TE 4.3 Explain/demonstrate the use of aliases and their interaction with parent or original file, folder, or application.

TE 4.4 Explain/demonstrate the roles of file hierarchy by creating a file structure (hierarchy) on file server and saving in and deleting from appropriate locations to include files and applications.

TE 4.5 Identify Operating system and uses utilities and system prefresnces to troubleshoot common problems (e.g. printing problems, force quit, and finding files).

TE 4.6 Student can draw a basic LAN (Local Area Network) using 5 of the following devices: Laptop, desktop, airport, printer, servers, routers, switches, and WAN (Wide Area Network) using 5 of the following: servers, DNS (Domain Name Server), Satellite, Router, Land Line, Microwave, Fiber.

TE 4.7 Send and receive email with attachments, explain proper electronic communication etiquette, interacts with moodle, blogs, gallery, and other electronic communication tools.

TE 4.8 Uses internet browsers to search the web, create and organize bookmarks, locate valid information, and access school information systems (DART).

TE 4.9 Understand, describe, and demonstrate knowledge of the school technology accectable use policy and know the consequences of violating the policy.

TE 4.10 Student explains the various digital media copyright policies and applies them appropriately in a variety of situations (Fair Use, LGPL, GNU, PDL).

TE 4.11 Create documents with structure, add pictures, copy, paste, undo.

TE 4.12 Uses technology tools to enter data organize and draw conclusion using spreadsheets, charts, and tables.

TE 4.13 Uses a technology tool to organize and plan (e.g. iCal, Inspiration).

TE 4.14 Can use 4 various forms of technology, with assistance (ie. digital camera, digital video cameras, printers, scanners,flash drive, video conferenceing, external hard drives etc.)

TE 4.15 Explains various standard file formats (.pdf, .doc, .jpg, .xls, .ppt, .mov, .mp3, AIFF, .zip, .gif) and relative size (get info)

TE 4.16 Use technology tools (eg. multimedia authoring, presentation, web tools, digital cameras, scanners) for individual writing, communication, and desktop publishing to create knowledge product for audiences.


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