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Technology level 5 matrix

TE 5.1 Types 35 WPM with 90% accuracy and correct ergonomics.

TE 5.2 Presents proper ergonomics and safe equipment use to an audience outside the classroom.

TE 5.3 Individually downloads items designated by instructor(internet).

TE 5.4 Independently uses removeable media for transfer and storage.

TE 5.5 General Troubleshooting (e.g. update OS and other applications, network, printing, hardware, data backup).

TE 5.6 Contributes three resources to the BSSD Wiki.

TE 5.7 Independently accesses dart, wiki, and/or online resources to create an ILP.

TE 5.8 Presents various digital media copyright policies to an audience outside the classroom incorporating digital media.

TE 5.9 Examines the role of technology in the workplace.

TE 5.10 Import digital media (ie. video & photos).

TE 5.11 Independently uses and creates a variety of documents.

TE 5.12 Identifies basic components of a spreadsheet and uses functions to analyze data in real life situations (e.g. concessions expenses, exercise data, scientific data).

TE 5.13 Student will participate in a distance learning environment.

TE 5.14 Independently creates a presentation using a variety of media and archive to CD/DVD.

TE 5.15 Web Creation (personal webpage creation with CMS or blog / works on a collaborative website or blog)

TE 5.16 Explores and shares on the "new technologies forum" a new and innovative technologies and its uses.


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