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TE 6.1 Identifies the relationships between a computers specifications and how they affect computer performance (ie. RAM, Proccessor Speed, Memory).

TE 6.2 Uses disk utility for trouble shooting.

TE 6.3 Sets up a user and configure permissions and preferences.

TE 6.4 Understands a variety of image, audio, and video formats and associated players.

TE 6.5 Uses advanced search tools to research information for use in other content areas.

TE 6.6 Analyze advantages and disadvantages of widespread use and reliance on technology in the workplace and in society as a whole.

TE 6.7 Defines the negative effects of peer to peer file sharing.

TE 6.8 Uses the web for self expression/project (blogs, web pages, forums).

TE 6.9 Independently uses a variety of technology tools to complete project(s) in other content area(s).

TE 6.10 Implements two new emerging technologies.


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