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WR Pacing Guide L3-8

6-Traits Rubric L3-4

6-Traits Rubric L5-6

6-Traits Rubric L7-9

General WR Procedures CASC 09

Writing Standards

6 Traits of Writing

L7-9 BSSD 6-Trait Scoring Guide(in MS Word format]]

6-Traits Rubric L3-4

6-Traits Rubric L5-6

Conventions Continuum for Levels 0-9

[[1]] The WritingFix Web Site

[[2] NWREL Scored Papers and Rubrics

[[3]] Graphic Organizers

Ideas to Teach the Traits

Primary Ideas page

Primary Organization Activity 1

Primary Organization Activity 2

Primary Organization Activity 3

Traits Matching Worksheet

6 Trait Checklist

Ideas-Organization traits posters

Voice-Sentence Fluency traits posters

Word Choice-Conventions traits posters

Ideas-Organization Primary poster

Sentences-Conventions Primary poster

Voice-Word Choice Primary poster

Trait Songs

NWREL 6+1 Traits Scoring Guide

Writing Ideas and Lessons

Alaska State Writing Consortium homepage [ASWC]

Transitional Words for Organization

Go to Cross-Content Resource Page (Writing, Thematic Units, 2nd Step, Connecting Content, Constructed Response)

A web based writing project


[[4]] Project Articulate Web Site with Lessons

[[5]] Alaska Art Museum

Animal Needs Lesson- SC1 (Add Writing Component as Needed)


BSSD Performance Task Template

BSSD Lesson Plan Template


Constructed Response practice Upper Elem/MS

More Constructed Response practice Upper Elem/MS


[[6]] Web-Based Writing Article and Samples

[[7]] Digital Storytelling and Writing with Technology

[[8]] National Park Service in Nome- Teaching Kits

Lessons Created for Multiple Levels and Contents

Researching Strategies Lesson: [From]

Layered Lesson Plan

10 Song Autobiographical Soundtrack

Writing a Movie Review This is useful for all-class movies. Have students keep track of plot and/or characters with a preprinted video viewing guide.

J Peterman Catalog

Reporting and Recording OR Tracking

Writing Pacing Guide L3-L8 rev. 2009

Revision and Editing Checklist

Draft graph

Weekly Class Status

Student Writing Record

Track Pack

WR Goals

WR Pacing Worksheet pdf

WR Pacing Worksheet odt

WR Submissions L3

WR Submissions L4

WR Submissions L5

WR Submissions L6

WR Submissions L7

WR SUbmissions L8

Writing Standards Eyeopener for Students and Teacher

Status of the Class Template

Template to track genre submissions by class

Example of a class evaluation using a "plus - delta" chart

Recording Sheet for Level K writing Standards-not updated for 09

Research Paper Resources

[[9]] Sample of on-line research paper from St. Michael.

[[10]] Sample of on-line research paper from St. Michael.

[11] Great outline on how to evaluate websites for credibility

[12] Interactive help with paraphrasing.

[13] Good site for introducing and assessing the topic of evaluating websites. Better for elementary and middle school levels. PDF documents are worthwhile, and could be tweaked for higher levels.

[14] Virtual Middle School Library. Tremendous site to support research writing at all levels. Fantastic links.

[15] This site is designed to help students learn how to be better students. Some information may be somewhat abstract, but helps fill in gaps in knowledge, and can serve as a quick review of hundreds of topics from writing to math. See the section on evaluating websites.

Writer's Workshop

Writing Workshop Framework and Resource Page

Student Writing Folder

Writing Implementation Checklist

Teacher Self-Evaluation

Writing Implementation Checklist

BSSD Student Writing Blogs

Possible Writing Assignments

These are all under construction. Feel free to use what you want.


The following assignments are great non-fiction to find out about buildings, places, and customs in your town. The finished articles can be posted on your own school/town wiki page, found on the left navigation bar, under School Information.



Useful Websites

Alaska State Writing Consortium Lesson plans [lesson plans]

[[16]] Graphic Organizers

Excellent site sponsored by UAA. Useful for all content areas. Students doing research will find the information invaluable. [17]

40 Tips to Improve Your Grammar and Punctuation

Links to tons of Writing Websites/Some Interactive

Requires Product Purchase: Interactive, on-line web site that guides users through the steps of writing a paragraph.

Requires Product Purchase: Guides students through the steps of writing an essay.

Great Portfolio Site

OWL: Purdue's Online Writing Lab resource

A WikiHow guide to source citation

Four Square Writing Templates can be used for multiple grade levels to help students expand their ideas and plan writing. This has worked successfully for me with students in as low as level 1 writing. There are also templates for high school students to work on research papers, essays, etc. Four Square Writing Method Templates

This is site that will blow your sox off if you are looking for writing activities that will keep your kids engaged! There are some great research ideas as well as interesting writing projects. Check it out! Web English Teacher

The category is for Writing related resources only. To create lessons, use the Wiki Lesson Template or feel free to use your own lesson plan format. Put (lesson) at the end of the title to show that it is a lesson plan.

Lessons Plan Links

The category is for Writing related resources only. To create lessons, use the {{subst:Lesson Plan}} or feel free to use your own lesson plan format.

This page will automatically pull in links to any lesson plan that has the category tag at the bottom of page of [[Category:Writing]].

Important Note:Any lesson plan or page can belong to multiple categories! In other words, a lesson plan can easily belong to the categories of Math, Social Studies, Writing and the "theme category" of Iditarod by simply adding each these ANYWHERE on a new page:

The example above would automatically link that lesson plan to all four categories.

Here are the categories of the entire wiki:

Alaska State Writing Consortium links: [Lesson plans]

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