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WR.00.01 Uses pictures or scribble writing to communicate. (GLE [K] 1.1.1, 1.2.1)

WR.00.02 Writes random letters or letter strings. (ELG 71)

WR.00.03 Attempts phonetic spelling (beginning and/or ending sound). (ELG 71)

WR.00.04 Assigns meaning to pictures orally. (GLE [K] 1.2.1)

WR.00.05 Prints first name. (GLE [K]1.3.1)

WR.00.06 Practices speaking in complete sentences. (ELG 62)

WR.00.07 Demonstrates proper pencil grip upon prompting. (GLE [K] 1.3.6, ELG 72)

WR.00.08 Copies print without comprehension.

WR.00.09 Dictates or writes words, phrases, or sentences related to a single topic. (GLE [K] 1.1.2)

WR.00.10 Begins to write using correct spatial orientation (e.g. left to right, and top to bottom). (GLE [K] 1.3.4)

WR.00.11 Notices and discusses capitalization and end punctuation with teacher (e.g. in morning message). (GLE {K] 1.3.5, ELG 72)

WR.00.12 Explains meaning of personal writing and adds details verbally (with support). (GLE[K]1.4.1)

WR.00.13 Begins to write some recognizable, and understandable words including sight words from the Fry list with support (e.g. uses word wall). (ELG 71)


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