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WR.01.01 Copies print without comprehension.

WR.01.02 Explains meaning of personal writing using complete sentences, and adds written details (with support). (GLE [K] 1.4.1).

WR.01.03 Shares own writing (eg. stories, pictures, ideas) and responds appropriately to feedback from others (eg. "Thank you." "I like your idea."). (GLE [K] 1.4.2)

WR.01.05 Prints first and last name. (GLE[1]1.3.1)

WR.01.06 Demonstrates proper pencil grip without teacher prompting. (GLE[1]1.3.6)

WR.01.07 Writes left to right, and top to bottom.

WR.01.09 Uses phonetic spelling (beginning, middle, and ending sound).

WR.01.10 Writes all letters in upper and lower case independently, by dictation without a model, and begins to form letters using correct directionality (e.g. left around the apple and down the leaf).

WR.01.12 Writes pieces containing multiple sentences (a minimum of three). (GLE[1]1.1.2)

WR.01.13 Engages in purposeful writing for specific audiences (greeting cards, letters, lists, signs, thank you notes). (GLE[1][2]1.2.1)

WR.01.14 Uses spaces between letters and words. (GLE [1] 1.3.6)

WR.01.16 Identifies and writes the beginning, middle, and end in a piece of writing. (GLE [1]1.1.3)

WR.01.17 Uses correct spelling for sight words (Fry words 1-100).


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