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WR.02.01 Uses correct spelling for sight words (Fry words 101-200). (GLE [2] 1.3.2)

WR.02.02 Ideas: Writes sentences that follow a common theme and stay on one topic. (GLE [2] 1.1.2)

WR.02.03 Organization: Sequencing of ideas and details is logical. Writes chronological stories that include a beginning, middle, and an end. (GLE [2] 1.1.3)

WR.02.04 Word Choice: Uses language that is clear and easy to understand. Words are used correctly.

WR.02.05 Varies Sentence Fluency: Sentences will vary from statements, questions, exclamations, etc. (GLE [2] 1.3.1)

WR.02.06 Conventions: In simple sentences (subject/predicate), there will be subject/verb agreement, correct use of capitals, and end punctuation. (GLE [2] 1.1.1,1.3.4 )

WR.02.07 Voice: Student can recognize the difference between their natural voice and more formal language. (GLE[2]1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.3.5)

WR.02.08 Penmanship: Student consistently writes letters on lined paper using correct directionality (e.g. left around the apple and down the leaf). (GLE [2]1.3.5)

WR.02.09 Proofreads writing for legibility, subject/verb agreement, correct use of capitals, and end punctuation when producing final drafts. (GLE [2] 1.3.1, 1.3.3)

WR.02.10 Revises writing for detail and clarity adding relevant details. (GLE [2] 1.4.1)

WR.02.11 Revises writing for detail and clarity, subtracting irrelevant or distracting words.

WR.02.12 Provides appropriate feedback to peers about written work.(GLE[2]1.4.2)

WR.02.13 Writes a paragraph with a topic sentence, body (two or more sentences), and a closing sentence using the above criteria. Students must be able to identify the parts of a paragraph. (GLE[2]1.1.2, 1.1.4)

WR.02.14 Engages in purposeful writing for specific audiences (e.g. stories, reports, letters, journal entries). (GLE [2] 1.2.1)


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