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WR.09.01 Researches, writes and organizes one 8-10 page research paper in MLA or APA format citing information from 6 sources. Writes one additional research paper 7 pages in length citing information form 6 sources using MLA or APA format.

WR.09.02 Creates and designs personal writing (e.g. play, short story, TV/movie script, or poetry).

WR.09.03 Writes complex literary analysis (interpreting passages and relating to the whole, comparing and contrasting different pieces of literature as they relate to literary themes and techniques, exploring an author's body of work).

WR.09.04 Self-directs the creation of student writing-portfolio.

WR.09.05 Demonstrates advanced articulation of the qualities that make a piece of writing effective.

WR.09.06 Researches and studies the breadth of career options in the area of writing.

WR.09.07 Produces writing in accordance with a career selection (writing about this topic may be developed into a writing sample).

WR.09.08 Writes increasingly complex persuasive essays using specific strategies (appealing to logic and emotion; personal anecdotes) in a variety of formats (cause-effect reasoning, compare-contrast reasoning, expert opinions) to develop effective arguments. (This can count as a proficient writing sample).

WR.09.09 Writes a minimum of five proficient writing samples in a variety of formats (both fiction and non-fiction), one which must be timed at 60 minutes (e.g., narrative/creative, poetry, autobiographical, explanatory, summaries, research papers, scientific reports, literary analysis, persuasive).


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