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Level 3-4 6 Trait Rubric

WR.03.01 Uses correct spelling for sight words (Fry words 201-300).(GLE[3]1.3.2)

WR.03.02 Organization: Sequencing of ideas and details is logical. Writes not only in chronological order, but experiments with: topical, spatial, cause and effect, or problem/solution. (GLE[3]1.2.1)

WR.03.03 Voice: Writes in a way that starts to show personality. Reader senses the person behind the words. Writes for a specific audience and purpose.(GLE[3]1.2.2)

WR.03.04 Word Choice: Student experiments with strong verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and descriptive words.(GLE[3]1.2.2)

WR.03.05 Conventions: Student uses quotation marks, irregular verbs, plural nouns, correct verb tense, commas in a series, dates, cities, and states.

WR.03.06 Begins to show conformity to appropriate size, formation, and spacing in both manuscript and cursive writing.

WR.03.07 Proofreads writing for legibility, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and complete sentences when producing final drafts. (GLE[3]1.1.1, 1.3.1, 1.3.3, 1.3.4)

WR.03.08 Revises writing for detail and clarity.(GLE [3] 1.4.1)

WR.03.09 Provides appropriate feedback to peers about written work.(GLE[3]1.4.2)

WR.03.10 Writes three proficient one-paragraph samples in three different genres such as: narrative, explanatory, letters, and notes, poems, and book reviews. (GLE[3]1.1.2,1.1.3)

WR.03.11 Lists titles and authors of books and other materials when used as references in written work.(GLE[3]1.5.1)

WR.03.12 Sentence Fluency: Writes a variety of complete simple sentences. (GLE[3]1.3.1)

Level 3 Writing Projects/Units: Multi-Standard/Cross Content Area

A Multi-Standard/Multi- Content Area Unit: Living Things are Similar [[1]]


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