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L3-4 6 Traits Rubric‎

WR.04.01 Articulates and exhibits knowledge of the 6-Traits.

WR.04.02 Writes legibly in cursive and manuscript.

WR.04.03 Articulates writing process (e.g., prewriting, drafting, evaluating, revising, proofreading, publishing, or presenting.)

WR.04.04 Writes a minimum of four proficient writing samples (multiple paragraphs that address a single topic) in three different formats such as: narrative/creative, explanatory, observations, or reports.)(GLE [4] 2.1.1, 2.2.1, 2.2.2)

WR.04.05 Proofreads and corrects grammar, sentence structure, paragraph structure, punctuation, capitalization, spelling and usage in finished written work. (GLE[4]2.3.2, 2.3.3,2.3.4)

WR.04.06 Revises writing to improve the logical progression of ideas and supporting information.(GLE[4]2.4.1)

WR.04.07 Provides feedback to peers based upon established criteria, to improve quality and effectiveness of writing.(GLE[4]2.4.2)

WR.04.08 Uses resources such as computers, word processing software, dictionaries, and thesauruses to improve writing.(GLE[4]2.6.1, 2.6.2)

WR.04.09 Researches, writes and organizes one report (1-2 pages long) and cites at least one source using the MLA format. (GLE[4]2.5.1)

4.1.a Ideas (GLE [4] 2.1.1)

4.1.b Organization (GLE [4] 2.2.1)

4.1.c Voice

4.1.d Word Choice

4.1.e Sentence Fluency (GLE [4] 2.3.1)

4.1.f Conventions See Conventions Continuum.pdf

4.1.f.1 Spelling

4.1.f.2 Capitalization

4.1.f.3 Punctuation (GLE [4] 2.3.3)

4.1.f.4 Grammar/Usage

4.1.f.5 Paragraphing


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