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WR.07.01 Articulates and exhibits knowledge of the 6-Traits.

WR.07.02 Writes a minimum of two technical or business formats (i.e. job applications, business letters, resumes, instructions, etc.). (GLE[9]4.2.2)

WR.07.03 Uses writing to enhance learning in all content areas (reading logs, learning logs, response journals, etc.).

WR.07.04 Applies the writing process independently (prewriting, drafting, evaluating, revising, proofreading, publishing or presentation).

WR.07.05 Practices self-reflection to improve writing. (GLE[9&10]4.4.1)

WR.07.06 Analyzes strengths and weaknesses in writing of peers. (GLE[9&10]4.4.1)

WR.07.07 Applies note-taking skills in a variety of situations. (GLE[9&10]4.4.2)

WR.07.08 Researches, writes and organizes one research paper (6-7 pages long) and cites information from four sources using MLA or APA format.(This can count as a proficient writing sample.) (GLE[9&10]4.1.1), (GLE[9]4.2.4), (GLE[9]4.5.1)

WR.07.09 Develops simple persuasive arguments and presents ideas in a logical, well-supported composition that elaborates each step fully avoiding a list-like style This can count as a proficient writing sample.

WR.07.10 Writes a minimum of five proficient writing samples (multiple paragraphs**): each in a different genre (both fiction and non-fiction) such as: narrative/creative, poetry, autobiographical, explanatory (including: explaining a process, compositions that define, compositions that give reasons, persuasive writing), summaries, research papers, scientific reports (see Write Source handbooks). (GLE[9&10]4.2.2), (GLE[9]4.1.1), (GLE[9]4.1.2), (GLE[9]4.1.3), (GLE[9]4.1.4), (GLE[9]4.2.3), (GLE[9]4.4.4)

7.1.a Ideas (GLE [9&10] 4.4.5, 4.1.1)

7.1.b Organization (GLE [9&10] 4.1.1)

7.1.c Voice (GLE [9&10] 4.4.3-5)

7.1.d Word Choice (GLE [9&10] 4.4.3-5)

7.1.e Sentence Fluency (GLE [9&10] 4.3.1)

7.1.f Conventions See Conventions Continuum.pdf

7.1.f.1 Spelling (GLE [9&10] 4.3.2)

7.1.f.2 Capitalization (GLE [9&10] 4.3.4)

7.1.f.3 Punctuation (GLE [9&10] 4.3.3)

7.1.f.4 Grammar/Usage (GLE [9&10] 4.3.5)

7.1.f.5 Paragraphing (GLE [9&10] 4.1.2)


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