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WR.08.01 Articulates and exhibits knowledge of the 6-Traits.

WR.08.02 Writes with consistent high quality across the content areas.

WR.08.03 Independently directs the writing process with increased sophistication.

WR.08.04 Writes complex persuasive essays that employ unusual strategies and give equal elaboration to both sides of the argument while giving concrete evidence to support own position. (This can count as a proficient writing sample.) (GLE[10]4.1.3)

WR.08.05 Researches, writes and organizes one research paper (8-10 pages long) and cites information from five sources using MLA or APA format. (This can count as a proficient writing sample.) (GLE[9&10]4.1.1), (GLE[10]4.2.4), (GLE[10]4.5.1)

WR.08.06 Determines appropriateness (credibility or validity) of information sources for a research topic.

WR.08.07 Offers specific feedback on other's writing with regard to ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions including recommendations for revisions. (GLE[9&10]4.4.1), (GLE[10]4.4.2), (GLE[10]4.4.3), (GLE[10]4.4.4), (GLE[10]4.4.5), (GLE[10]4.4.6)

WR.08.08 Writes a minimum of five proficient multi-paragraph writing samples in a variety of formats (both fiction and non-fiction) such as: narrative/creative, poetry, autobiographical, explanatory (including: explaining a process, compositions that define, compositions that give reasons, persuasive writing), summaries, research papers, scientific reports. (GLE[9&10]4.2.2), (GLE[10]4.1.1), (GLE[10]4.1.2), (GLE[10]4.1.3), (GLE[10]4.1.4)

8.1.a Ideas (GLE [9&10] 4.1.1, 4.4.5)

8.1.b Organization (GLE [9&10] 4.1.1)

8.1.c Voice (GLE [9&10] 4.4.3 – 5)

8.1.d Word Choice (GLE [9&10] 4.4.3-5)

8.1.e Sentence Fluency (GLE [9&10] 4.3.1)

8.1.f Conventions See Conventions Continuum.pdf

8.1.f.1 Spelling (GLE [9&10] 4.3.2)

8.1.f.2 Capitalization (GLE [9&10] 4.3.4)

8.1.f.3 Punctuation (GLE [9&10] 4.3.3)

8.1.f.4 Grammar/Usage (GLE [9&10] 4.3.5)

8.1.f.5 Paragraphing (GLE [9&10] 4.1.2)


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