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Students of all ages can participate in the Language Dictionaries

The level of technical expertise and independence can vary due to student age, availability of computers, etc.
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Integrate Inupiaq and cultural relevance into any unit you are teaching

Use this Amazing Word List that contains words and ideas for many content areas and levels.

Project List

Key Elements of Culture SS 3A

I know ten words

Culture in a Box Project

TundraPics PhotoBlog

Language Dictionaries: Space and Time Project

Making a Traditional Basket Sleigh

Community-Based Research Paper

Fish Camp Theme Project

Photography Lessons related to the Language Dictionaries

Language Dictionary Standards and Ideas

Add your ideas to this page!

More project Ideas: Check out the UAF Project Jukebox!

The UAF Jukebox has an amazing collection of digital information to use for project ideas.
Take a look at this huge project, and try to imagine some scaled down ideas that might be appropriate for your classroom
Any of these projects would be a great resource to link to the Language Dictionaries
You can use the Language Dictionaries as starter ideas for your projects too.

The Language Dictionaries are fertile ground for many projects.

For example the study of traditional tools, traditional clothing, traditional foods, traditional values, etc.
For example if your are studying First Aid:
Students brainstorm local words that they already know, or would like to learn on the topic of first aid.
Words might include blood, help, accident, don't move, etc.
Students can research the words, add them to the dictionary, and continue to expand their knowledge of their language while connecting traditional knowledge to modern knowledge.
Students can use their interviewing and writing skills to write articles about items in the dictionary

Check out this training syllabus from the 2008 Inservice session on the Language Dictionaries

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