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Coat of Arms Exercise

There is a Coat of Arms exercise in M.S. Word that you can download here. A thumbnail of this form looks like this:

Coat of arms graphic.jpg

____________________________________ Coat of Arms Assignment Writing, December 2005

To pass this assignment, you must do the following:

____ Decide what the most important thing in your life is, and draw and color a picture of that on the Upper Left square.

____ Decide what you want to be (not just what you want to do). Draw and color a picture of that in the Upper Right square.

____ Decide what you’re good at. Draw and color a picture of it in the Middle Right square.

____ In the Middle Left draw and color a picture of you defeating your worst fear.

____ In the Bottom Right pick an animal that you think shows how you are. (brave, strong, cunning, witty, smart, clever, loyal, proud, invisible, etc) Draw and color it in.

____ Draw and color a representation of either your family, or how you would like your family to be in the Bottom Left.

____ In the name part, either write your name, or a word that describes you, or Your name in words that describe you. (i.e. Courageous, Outgoing, Loud, Laughing, Eccentric, Energetic, Nostalgic)

____ Now, pick 1 of these parts to write a paragraph about. Which did you pick?


____ On your own paper, write a rough draft about this subject. Make sure to answer the 5 W’s.

____ Have another student proof-read your rough draft.

____ Copy onto nice paper your final copy.

____ Staple your rough draft, finished copy, and this sheet into a packet.

____ Turn the whole thing in.

(Standards: 4.1 knowledge of 6 writing traits, 4.2 Writes legibly in cursive and manuscript. 4.4 Writes a proficient writing sample, 4.5 Proofreads, 4.6 Revises Same for 5 and 6)

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