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Technology Level 5


Standard in Kid Friendly Language

I can contribute three resources to the BSSD wiki.

Unpacked Standards

I know wiki is a resource that can be used by anyone on the World Wide Web.

I know wiki is a collaborative web based site that anyone can contribute to and edit.

I know that postings to wiki need to be ethical and pertain to the page.

I can contribute resources to wiki.

I can post resources to the appropriate page.

I can post links to resources on appropriate wiki pages.

Project suggestions

I help my teacher add printers and run disk utilities and rename comuputers to pass this standard.
I am working on a powerpoint to pass standard 5.8.

Assessment Suggestions

Students email a link to the pages that they contribute to the instructor.


Wiki editing and posting (lesson)

BSSD Wiki Page

Step by step posting to the BSSD Wiki

WIKI Editing Cheatsheet

[Wiki For Dummies 101]

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