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Standard in Kid Friendly Language

I can make documents that have pictures or clip art.

Unpacked Standard

I can make add pictures to my word processing documents.

I can resize pictures and maintain the correct proportion in the picture.

I can use copy, paste and undo while I create.

I use one font for my writing, and only one or two other fonts for special effects (titles, captions, inserts).

I use design elements.

  1. text is a dark color and easy to read
  2. background colors are not distracting
  3. items are grouped and aligned in a pleasing manner
  4. avoid using center alignment, or writing with all capitals unless I have a specific purpose for doing so.

Project suggestions

Have students write a short brochure (ie travel brochure, information brochure about their village ect.) include several pictures and different sections which capture the readers attention.

Have students put together a class newspaper or school newspaper.

Science Reports

Social Studies Reports

Students list of healthy/unhealthy people or behavior with pictures

Health reports

For the cut and past part, maybe have students use pictures from the internet and have students cite the sources by cutting the address off the internet browser and pasting it onto the document

Cultural Awarness booklets to explain native foods.


A Multi-Standard/Multi-Content Area Science Fair Project (Includes L2-4)

Assessment Suggestions

Look at a document that a student has created and then see if it has structure and pictures added.

Have a page already typed then have students cut words from it onto a new document.

Try this student tracking page to help your student track their own progress.


iWork Helper Files.....

Pages Inspector Pages Inspector PDF

Numbers Inspector Numbers Inspector PDF

Keynote Inspector Keynote Inspector PDF

Word for Mac OS X

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